[Product] Ginbrew

Both Alice and I are big supporters of the current resurgence (and keep insisting that there is indeed a resurgence) of gin. For some reason, many people have maligned this amazing alcohol. My only guess is that people just don’t like the taste of juniper or other botanicals. That, or their only exposure has been through dodgy collegiate experiences with questionable (at best) quality gin. Heck, if I based my current taste on the quality of the booze I drank in college, I’d probably be left with — uh — nothing. However, for those of you out there who don’t like gin, it’s time to give it a new try. For those who already love it, it’s time to make your own. Let’s check out Ginbrew!

gin brew kit liberty 13

Ginbrew is a DIY kit for you (or someone who you lovingly bestow this gift upon) to make your own gin. With a name like Ginbrew, the clues were really all already there, it was just a matter of deciphering that enigmatic code.

In the kit you get three different botanical blends, some cheesecloth for straining, a recipe book and a mason jar (for you to make your gin in). All you need to do is grab a 750ml bottle of vodka, select your blend and add everything to the mason jar. Then you the allotted time, strain and enjoy.

It’s as easy as that.

add spices to jar

How is it? Pretty darn solid. We tried the Liberty 13 (so named for engines that bootleggers used to put on their boats to bring precious booze into the USA when it wasn’t, technically, legal) and were happy with the results. The gins that you make (emphasis on you making here, you get to be the creator!) are of the newer, more powerful flavored, stronger in stature variety. To me, that spells awesome.

There’s always a time and a place for subtlety, but that’s never been my strong suit. When I’m making something, I want it to stand out, even when it’s just for me.

Unless you’re my mother, who in her younger days growing up in Denmark decided to drink an entire bottle of Beefeater by herself one day (I’d recommend against this, she would too), there’s no excuse for you not to make your own gin.

Or, what with the holidays coming up, if you need a great gift idea for that cocktail enthusiast in your life, consider Ginbrew.

add vodka to gin brew

When you’ve made your gin, the possibilities are endless. Heck, try a Ramos Gin Fizz, get a little funky with a Blueberry Ginger Refresher, a Green Fizz or and Aviation.

Gin is a tasty, floral, interesting drink, made even more so when you get the chance to infuse the flavors yourself. Don’t believe me? Grab a Ginbrew and find out for yourself.